Friday, February 3, 2012

Taha Awadallah, Thyme Seller

The Thyme Seller

For 35 years, my mother’s collected thyme herbs in her village
near the 1948 Israeli borders line, carrying the thyme to the streets of Beit
Jala city, going door to door trying to sell it and make some money so
her family could survive.

The Thyme Seller, is online:


  1. MAYBE I would like to see more diversity in the artists and films, particularly more Middle East viewpoints, I see how this related to labor and women. QUESITON: Does the film maker have any other pieces perhaps more centered on the Arab Spring?

  2. No. I'm sure the film is wonderful but I'm not certain it speaks to the Wall St. to Main St. project.

  3. I think this film is about a Palestinian woman trying to make a living in an Israeli settlement zone, though it is not didactic. The filmmaker is on his way to the US with a special artist visa and interested in working on youth film/video projects. It is certainly a related topic. Might be worthwhile to include in a film series.

  4. maybe. Agree with the concept of showing with a group of other films. perhaps there could be a film-screening room.